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App that actually solves the problem

Very refreshing now a days to find an app that actually helps a common issue, and preforms as promised. Kudos to the team!

Thumbs UP

Easy to use, Excelent Navigation Love it.

Great App

This is the best app. Interface is just WoW. Thank you.


Really awesome app. Smoth interface. Great Navigation. Thanks

Super helpful

Love it!

Don’t lose a friend

Perfectly simple app to find your buds, especially at big events like music festivals.


During the madness of SXSW, I used Karavan heavily while attending back-to-back interactive conferences and late night film screenings. I created a group with my colleagues specifically to meet up at hotels for press interviews and venues for music concerts. The app is simple and clear to use. In addition, I had previously created a Karavan with my family members specifically for the festival, Day for Night.


Amazing efficiency, easy to use, and very reliable!

very useful for groups

I like this app a lot, the concept is very good. This app can be extremely useful when going on family vacations. I can also see it being useful for other occupants like school fieldtrips? The app is great too, I don't really notice my battery draining too fast. Overall, I would use the app the next time I go on a trip with friends or family.

Good app

I have been using this app for a week and it works very well. I have not had any problems and the GPS works good. This is something I would ask my friends to use this app.

Wow, this app is pretty great.

After making an account I was pleased to see this app working perfectly as promised. The location services are spot-on, the UI is clean, and there aren't ads getting in the way everywhere. Although it is somewhat strange seeing where people are, so many apps offer this now that's it's not too unusual. Overall, highly recommend!

A must have app

This app works magic if you are hanging out with a group of friends. You can easily decide on meetup locations and know where everybody is. I have successfully used this app to plan lunches, dinners, and other activities. This app is very simple to use and makes my life much easier. You are allowed to make your own "Karavan" or group of friends which allows you to know where everybody is and even allows you chat within the app so you don't have to switch back and forth with another messaging app. This app definitely deserves 5 stars.

Great App!

I wish I downloaded this app way before! I've gotten lost so many times that resulted in me getting panic attacks, but after getting this app, it saved me so many times. I tend to get lost after concerts, however; it's impossible for me to get lost again after I downloaded this app on my phone. It's very easy to use that you'd almost face no problems. Wait, not almost, but no problems at all. It's truly a life saver especially when you go to a place you never went to before or a place filled with huge crowds of people.

Great Map App!

This is really easy to use, and does exactly what it says! It says it doesn't run the battery down, which I was a little skeptical of at first, but it's true. My friends and I used it at a music festival to keep track of each other, and it was easier than just texting them. I would recommend this to families and groups of travel buddies, because it is very useful.

My friends weren't joking this is cool

Totally puts a stop to that one annoying group text "where u guys @" or " where you guys wanna meet"...Love it


I quit using life 360 because it insisted upon knowing my location even when I was not using the app. The same reason I am deleting my Karavan app

I likes it

So I've been using this app for awhile now and over all it's just been really useful and reliable. I definitely recommend it to anyone who is going out with a group of friends. I also use Karavan when I'm coming back from college with the fam. Also, being able to drop a pin for everyone to see is SUPER convenient. Great app.

Can't register or login

Registration says my email has already been used, but I've searched all gmail account for "karavan" and nothing comes up (I never delete emails). When I try to recover email it says "not a valid email". I tried logging in/registering using Facebook: it doesn't work! What the heck???

Really useful

Helps keep track of where people are

Meet up in a crowd.

We used this app to connect with friends at a busy parade event, where the meetings point was not available before time. Get your friends to sign-up, build your group, and drop a pin for a meeting point. I appreciated the messaging options that allowed the group to share more details like parking options. Works slick once everyone subscribes.

Awesome app with many uses!

Karavan is a great app, not only for groups at events such as music festivals, but also for families! My family has a group on Karavan and being able to check on my sister and I when we're driving long distance gives our parents peace of mind.

Karavan is perfect for big groups!

Karavan has been a life saver for me and my friends when going to bars downtown. Someone always gets lost or separated from the group and with Karavan it’s super easy to get everyone back together. It’s also great just to see how close a friend is when they’re on the way to your place or to pick you up. I highly recommend!

User Friendly!

This app is super easy to setup! I found the user interface to be simple and intuitive. I love the way I was able to drop a pin and meet my friends for lunch without having to individually text or make contact. Saved me time and stress. I plan to get more friends to try Karavan.


This thing is the bomb. So fun and it really works.

Cool new features in the update!

The new offline/online feature makes it more clear when people in your Karavan are active! This app is so useful and takes the stress out of meeting up with your friends on busy streets!

New version is even better

The latest version makes a great app even better. I love being able to switch between one Karavan with my family and another Karavan with my friends for a special event. Speaking of special events, We just used the Karavan app at the Art Car Parade in Houston. In past years we've always had a lot of calls and texts trying to get our group of friends together at the crowded parade route. ..with lots of drama as people got lost. This year - even with the parade route changing - we smoothly got the crowd together at our never before used spot on the parade route. We even had people who had never before come to the parade able to find the best parking spot (we dropped a pin!) and just walk the couple of blocks to find us. A great app got even better!

I'm impressed!

Wow! Karavan is one awesome app! I live in a big city with big night life and I've used Karavan several times to keep my friends together. The app is easy to use, and I love that you can see where everyone in your "karavan." Also, the in-app messaging is great, no flipping back and forth, it's all in the app! I highly recommend Karavan!

Excellent App

Karavan is an excellent app especially when you are working with groups of people. I've tested the app briefly in preparation for a group trip I'll be on later this month. I'm a Lutheran Campus Pastor at the University of Alabama. We plan to use this app on the student group trip to NOLA. I think the freedom and independence it allows for members of groups on trips is great. While this freedom and independence is great it is also good that leaders and the groups members are always able to communicate quickly, efficiently, and effectively. You can setup rendezvous points or locate that little restaurant or shop your friend told you that you had to checkout! All of this can be done by dropping pins and chatting natively in the app. This is far and way one of the best mapping programs in the App Store it's hard to imagine that it could get any better, but I'm certain that this app will continually improve and will one day become a leading mapping technology.

Soon helpful and accurate!

I love Karavan because it makes coordinating everyone so easy. Really helps at busy events like concerts or festivals!! Awesome app!

How has this only now been created!

Every time I go out with friends to a concert or vacation someone always gets lost. It's always a hassle to keep track of everyone when trying to meet up, but not anymore. With a simple pin drop I can keep all my friends updated with my location, so even in a crowed place like a Destin Florida beach I can be found.


Seriously. This is one of the apps you don’t know you NEED until you try it. This would have been a LIFE SAVER when I lived in NYC or in college. Really awesome team as well. Andrew and his cofounder are top notch and are always listening to feedback / trying to improve.

Really useful app!!

The app Karavan helped my friends and me stick together when we went out on the town in Austin. We were always able to find one another when we got separated in crowded bars, and we used the ability to drop pins to help meet up and remember where we parked our cars. It was also very useful for my group of friends during SXSW. We were able to keep track of each other when we got separated and we used the rally pin feature to plan a spot to meet up. This app worked out great and I will be recommending it to all of my friends!

Must Download!

Be lost no more!! Seriously a one of a kind app and a life savor for big events if you're in a group. Definitely a must for those who have friends who get lost!

Great app!

This app is outstanding! I especially like the privacy feature so that ONLY my group follows my location!

This app isn't just for teens

Yes, this app can help you stay with your group when going out for some fun. BUT this app has so many more applications than just Saturday nights! Parents - you can make sure your kid gets home safe from school. You can make sure they are where they say they are. If you're being picked up by a friend you can see how close they are to you and estimate how much time you have to get ready. College kids - You can tell where your friends are grabbing lunch so you know where to meet them. This app is all around great!

You will never lose your friends/family again

I'm not usually the one to write reviews for apps but when it came to Karavan, I just couldn't help but write one. This is truly one of the best apps on the market right now hands down. If you have ever gone to a really crowded area, event, and/or party this is the app for you. Before this app came out it was nearly impossible to keep track of all my friends or family when we would go to like a concert or the bars. Either one or two of us would get lost in the crowd or maybe had one to many and would wander off. Once this happened it was always really difficult getting ahold of them as it would be to loud to call and a text just wouldn't suffice as to give an exact location to meet up. Now with Karavan, we no longer have to worry bout any of that. This app creates a party that will tell you where everyone is at all times when you go out and is great when it comes to keeping all your friends and family together. Not only that but this app is also really user friendly and just an all around great idea. I'm telling you this is a definite must have.


Makes is so much easier especially if you go out with a group of friends. A must download


This app makes keeping track of your friends so much easier!

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